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Give This UK Fan Who Wrote 'Go Cats' On Tennessee's Campus Rock And Spray Painted It Kentucky Blue All The Bourbon

Love it. This is what I needed to see this week after a bye for Kentucky. Sure, you can talk about how this could be bad juju, but I'm going the other way. This is a sign of confidence from this young lady. She was dealing with life and death here on Tennessee's campus. I mean she is getting threats on Twitter here. Need her to get out of that dump Knoxville and back to beautiful Lexington quickly. But what does Tennessee think here? You have a rock that everyone can spray paint, you're going to get trolled. That's just part of the territory. Naturally, when you have UK/Tennessee playing and a rivalry and the fact Knoxville isn't far from the Kentucky border you're going to get this. 

My question is where are all the Tennessee fans? This is on campus. There's not on person seeing this? Are they rolling over and dying? I guess that would happen if you lose to Georgia State. But, what are you doing here Vols? I'd like to think Big Tennessee would chain himself in front of this rock to prevent this from happening the moment he saw it happen, but the fact not one person confronted her is a bit concerning. 

As always - fuck Tennessee forever and ever and go Cats.