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Fake Police Officer Detains Suspect At Gunpoint During High Speed Chase And Promptly Gets Arrested Himself

(Source)-Officers with the Wilson Police Department stopped a car at a grocery store in Wilson at about 11 p.m. on Oct. 5 in search of a possible murder suspect, according to WNCN, but as they approached it, police say the driver sped off.

Police had been chasing the car for about 2 miles when a black Ford Taurus with blue lights sped past the officers, got in front of the suspect car and slowed down, WRAL reported.

The suspect car, now pinned between the Taurus and a police car, was forced to stop, according to WRAL.
The driver of the Taurus, 30-year-old David Adams, got out of his car and, police say, forced the five men out of the suspect car at gunpoint then handcuffed and searched the driver, according to WITN.
The officers, who were unsure if he was actually a cop, yelled at Adams to stop what he was doing, but police say he left the scene before officers could talk to him, WITN reported.

Police later determined he wasn’t a “sworn law enforcement officer” and arrested him Wednesday, WRAL reported.

What a god damn story. I feel like I need a cigarette after reading that. This guy is a god damn hero and lived out one of what I assume is every man’s fantasy, to citizen arrest a criminal or criminals. We all have a little Dwight Schrute in us. We want to think of ourselves as the hero in a situation where someone is being harmed or robbed, but in reality we’d all probably hide and call the authorities. Not this guy. This hopped in his ford fucking Taurus, sped by the real police, stopped the high speed chase, used a gun and handcuffs to detain the suspect. I mean it doesn’t get anymore high stakes than that. This guy is a real life Liam Neeson character. What did he get for his troubles? The key to the city? Cash prize? A handshake from the Chief of Police and the Mayor? Nope. He got arrested himself for impersonating an officer. That is absolute bullshit. A gross miscarriage of justice here. There’s the old Bill Parcells cliche that says “you are what your record says your are”. If a man stops a highspeed chase, has a gun, handcuffs, and arrests the bad guys then he is an officer. Plain and simple. Impersonating an officer is when you dress up and flash a fake badge to benefit yourself. This man, David Adams, in that moment, was absolutely an officer. Instead, his record is going to say that HE is the criminal. I can’t have that. I’d love to impersonate his lawyer when he has his day in court.

PS: the only way most of us would ever stop a criminal