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The Nats Made A Trip To The White House (And Kurt Suzuki Wore A MAGA Hat) - A Recap

So the Nats visited the White House today, as is tradition after a championship. They did the customary tour, and then had the speech on the front lawn. Trump said it was a record amount of people on the lawn itself.

He then gave a speech that highlighted the Nats postseason run, from the Milwaukee Miracle, to the Dodgers heroics, the sweep of St. Louis, and then winning all 4 on the road in Houston. He put little quips throughout the speech, including this one:

He also, whenever he got to a player, waved them over and had them give a little speech. It was actually pretty cool, seeing Soto, Scherzer, Stras, Zim and others address the crowd from the steps of the White House.

Stras made a little joke about his history with Trump, who as we know, has a tweet for everything to ever happen in the history of the world

Rizzo got a nice little jab in too.


Which was quicklyyyyy overshadowed by the Suzuki MAGA hat thing.

It’s the number 1 trend on Twitter right now, Suzuki wearing a MAGA hat. I don’t know why he did it, knowing it would just cause problems. Trump gave him a weird hug from behind, which resulted in this hilarious picture


My mentions are a dumpster fire right now from tweeting the original picture.

Like alright let’s all calm down, he wore a hat, the President’s hat, at the White House. I wish everything didn’t have to be so freaking serious, but that’s the world we live in.

(For my thoughts on players going or not going to the White House, I wrote this very rational blog about the Caps decisions to attend or not attend.)

Overall, a quick, upbeat, harmless ceremony to honor the champs. Regardless of your politics, it’s always cool to see your team at the White House.


And now they can back to drinking.