Stoolies Making Waves At Angles Game For Wearing Bags On Their Heads



LA Times -Henry Bouldin could not bear to watch the Angels, not after the team got swept by the lowly Houston Astros. So, as he sat behind home plate for Tuesday’s game against the Chicago Cubs, Bouldin wore a paper bag over his head. Until the seventh inning, that is, when the Angels ordered him to take it off. “Security just showed up out of nowhere,” Bouldin said Wednesday. “They said you can’t wear anything over your head.”Bouldin referenced the Angels’ payroll when he wrote on the bag: “$127 million + all I got was this bag. Go Angels?” But Mead said that was not why the Angels demanded he remove the bag. “I had been thinking about it for a while,” Bouldin said. “It took getting swept at home by the Astros to put ‘em on.”

I love it. Stoolies coast to coast just stirring shit up. A full blown article in the LA times for a Stoolies wearing bags on their head that says Cuncel De Season at an Angels game. Seriously I’ve never been more proud to be the Stoolies dad. It’s the Barstool difference for better or for worse.