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Congratulations to Tom Brady for Cracking the Top 25 on the NFL's Greatest 'Game Changers' List

As you’re no doubt aware, this NFL 100th Anniversary celebration has taken that Season of Lists that are used to fill air time and column space during the Death Valley of every year when no real news is going on – call it that post-draft/pre-training camp period in May and June – and has extended it right through the football season. You’ve seen them. “Biggest Characters” like Joe Namath and Deion Sanders. “Biggest Plays” such as “The Immaculate Reception” and “The Catch” and so on.

And the most recent list being counted down on Roger Goodell’s state run media is the biggest all time “Game Changers.” Defined, I guess, but whoever um …  changed the game. I guess? I’m assuming in a positive way. I mean, they’re probably not likely to include OJ Simpson, Rae Carruth and Aaron Hernandez.

So this one includes those figures who’s profound and positive impact on America’s Most Popular Thing would not be complete. People who didn’t just change the game, but life as we know it.

The Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders, at No. 37:

That female official, at 96:

And into their legendary company we get Tom Brady. At No. 25. That’s right. The 7th quarterback taken in the 2000 draft. The one that George RR Martin says is in league with Satan. The one Charles Woodson points out has been in the Super Bowl more than half the years he’s been a starter in the league. The player with the most Super Bowl wins. The quarterback with the most wins in history, period. Brady is one of just three quarterbacks in history with 170 or more wins. Except he has 174 more wins than losses. Last night he threw a touchdown pass to Mohamed Sanu, the 74th teammate he’s connected with, breaking the record of 73 previously held by Tom Brady.

He’s redefined what success means and continues to reach heights that will never been equaled.

He’s done this in relation to another quarterback on the list:


Joe Montana retired as the greatest winner in the history of the sport. And with 17 fewer losses than Brady now has. To go along with 112 fewer wins. 112.

And so, I guess it’s fitting that the NFL could only find 24 people who have Changed the Game more than he has. It does kind of beg the question that a guy who defeated the Greatest Show on Turf Rams, came from 10 points down to defeat the Legion of Boom Seahawks (the defense that held the highest scoring offense in history to 8 points the Super Bowl before) and overcame a 25 point deficit to beat the Falcons while breaking every postseason record in the books would have had to do crack the Top 20. But I guess he simply hasn’t Changed the Game enough to qualify.

At least they did find one other person you can argue does deserve to be slightly above Brady on the list. The guy who made it all the way up to No. 11:

And the other saving grace is, they still have plenty of years ahead of them to move up the rankings. Kiss the rings.