Rhode Island Woman Throws Rocks And Sicks Her Pit Bulls On News Reporter Asking Questions About Her Daughter Getting Shot

ABC6 – Providence, RI and New Bedford, MA News, Weather

ABC -An ABC6 crew was on assignment in Providence when they were assaulted in broad daylight. It started with a simple question that led to a violent response. The crew was on Public Street in Providence, attempting to get reaction from the mother of the teenage girl who was shot at a graduation party over the weekend.Instead of declining to speak on-camera, Melissa Lawrence replied “OK, that’s good,” and then suddenly hurled a rock at ABC6 photographer Marc Jackson. The rock just missed the photographer’s head. The crew then started to leave, but Lawrence came out wielding a baseball bat. She then told her two dogs to attack.You can hear the screams as Lawrence’s dogs chase ABC6 reporter Abbey Niezgoda into a backyard a few houses down. Lawrence yells commands to the dogs. Finally, Lawrence calls her dog back while yelling curse words at the crew.After seeking medical attention, the ABC6 crew filed a police report. Niezgoda was a treated for a dog bite on her forearm. They were never on the woman’s property and were attacked right on the street. Police are in the process of putting together a warrant for Lawrence’s arrest.Meanwhile, Lawrence’s daughter has been released from the hospital and is currently recovering from a gunshot wound to her lower back.

Honestly ABC6 can cry me a river with how they were assaulted here. That’s what you get for being scumbag reporters. In fact I kind of wish the dogs ate this reporter. Like the ladies’ daughter just got shot and you’re showing up at her house uninvited and unannounced and you’re surprised she doesn’t want to talk? Sorry if she’s pissed. Her daughter did just get fucking shot.

PS – How well trained were these pitbulls? This just kind of proves there are no such things as bad dogs. Just bad owners. Like I’m not saying this owner is bad but she probably is. Why would they know how to attack like that? Because they were taught to.