Jets CB Darryl Wilson Posts An Instagram Calling Out "Fake Ass" Jets Fans For Being Negative


I’m going to assume I have some readers here who dont know who Darryl Roberts is. If you’re a Jets fan reading this, you know we are talking about one of the worst defensive backs in the league. A guy who shouldnt even be a starter, let alone popping off on social media picking a fight with fans. A man who, it was once said, could get burned for a 98 yard touchdown and celebrate because it wasnt 99 yards. If you’re new to the world of Darryl Roberts (read: everyfuckingbody) heres all you need to know about him:

He’s Kyle Wilson 2.0.

Oh whats that? You also dont know who Kyle Wilson is? Because we’re talking about Jets defensive backs and aside from Darrelle Revis and The Big Fertile Antonio Cromartie theres never been a Jets defensive back worth even remembering? Well I’m sorry. Ok? Im sorry I cant give you a good description so you know who I’m talking about. Just know that this dude STINKS out loud. He stinks so bad I can taste it. I can hear it. Darryl Roberts stinks so much it triggers all 5 senses. Some might even say a 6th sense, because there are times that you can sense hes about to give up a touchdown before the ball is even snapped.

And THIS is the guy who’s decided to take on the fans. THIS is the guy who has decided he shall speak on behalf of the locker room, mere hours after suffering the worst loss football has seen in the last 50 years. Darryl Roberts. Unbelievable. Listen up dude…the fans have been here long before you. And those same fans will be here LONG after you get cut this offseason. We’ve been dealing with the negativity and losing and the embarrassment for longer than you can even comprehend. And when you’re gone and dont have to worry about the Same Old Jets bullshit ever again, we’ll still be dealing with it. Dont get me wrong I understand fandom is irrational and crazy and the extent to which we take it isnt normal. ANd when you’re on the receiving end of it, you of course want to respond, and lash out, and defend yourself. But THATS the problem. Its not you, Darryl Roberts. Its not you because A) You suck so bad nobody is even considering you to be an important piece of the reason why we are failing, and B) its because its bigger than you! Its bigger than Darnold! Gase! Douglas! Its ALWAYS THIS WAY. And the real fans are the ones who have seen it all and know that. The ones who are critical are the ones who are truly there and down to ride. Its the Ra-Ra fans who show up every week with a smile on their face ready to tailgate and get ass fucked, yet again, and continue to enable mediocrity and failure by lining the pockets of complacent owners. Fuck OFF Darryl Roberts.

And please dont beat me up in a fight. I cant bus a grape in fruit fight.