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The Results Are In: The Guy Who Got A Browns Super Bowl Champs Tattoo Is An IDIOT

Alright so back in August, some kid slid into my DMs to let me know that his friend, Garrett Howenstine, got himself a Super Bowl LIV Champion tattoo. From all of the information available, it appeared that young Grant was the very first crazy Browns fan to take the plunge and permanently ink himself for winning a game that was still six months away, which posed the question:

The overwhelming response was pretty negative. I'd say that the ratio of people saying he was an idiot compared to the people saying he was a genius was about 500 to 1. But the jury was still out, seeing as the season had yet to be played.

Anyways, obviously the kid got to have his 15 minutes of fame, appearing on everything from Sunday Night Football to Big Cat and Joe Thomas' Twitter feeds...

Hope you enjoyed it, buddy. Because the jury has just come back with the verdict. You are an IDIOT.

The Browns are 2-6 and might not even be able to make the playoffs if they win their final 8 games. But that's not even a possibility after watching us lose to the Broncos yesterday. 

So yeah, Grant, I hope you enjoyed your media frenzy. Now it's time to focus on other things, like what the heck you're going to do with that dumb tattoo. The way I see it, you have two options: turn that helmet into a Patriots logo and become a huge New England fan, or find a laser removal company. Here, I see you're an Ohio State student. I'll help out: