Should The Popeyes Chicken Sandwich Be Considered A PED After Deshaun Watson Credits Them For Healing His Eye So Quickly?

Listen. I love Deshaun Watson and there's nothing I enjoy more than seeing him healthy. A healthy Deshaun Watson means that we all get to witness something ridiculously extraordinary every time this man touches a football field. So the fact that Deshaun Watson's eye was able to heal up enough for him to completely dismantle the Jaguars in London yesterday? It's a beautiful thing. 

But I'm also a fan of honor. I'm a fan of integrity. I'm a fan of fairness and a respect for the game. So with that being the case, I simply cannot just sit here and let this happen. What kind of example is this setting for our kids? Injuries are a part of the game. They suck, they truly do. But that doesn't mean that guys can just start crushing Popeyes all willy-nilly just so they can get back on the field as quick as possible. 

As much as I love watching Deshaun Watson play football, I hate cheating even more. And you can't listen to that post-game interview without either believing that A) Deshaun Watson used Popeyes chicken sandwiches to cheat his way back to full health or B) that Popeyes just paid Deshaun Watson a shit ton of money for that free ad. For the sake of the children, let us pray it is option B.