Leonardo DiCaprio Just Redefined The Celebrity Pizza Eating Game Forever: Pizza Review Time (Pushcart Pizzeria)





Dailymail - He famously portrayed King Louis XIV and his secret twin in The Man With The Iron Mask. And Leonardo DiCaprio appeared to be feeling some nostalgia for the 1998 film in Venice on Friday. The actor made the most of the Venetian masks the city is famed for as he did some sightseeing. Leonardo decided a disguise was the perfect way for him to walk around the romantic Italian town without being recognised by tourists. But rather than choose a beautifully decorated mask, or even an ornate one of any kind, the star stuck to a masculine look with a simple black design. Careful not to be spotted, Leo even wore his sunglasses on top of the mask so as to hide his dreamy blue-green eyes. He was seen expertly eating a large slice of pizza while only having to move his façade slightly on the streets of the floating city.

Here is what I know about life. The sun will come out in the morning. It will get dark at night. And if Leonardo Dicaprio is going to eat pizza wearing a mask then I’m gonna eat pizza with a mask. No brainer city.