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The NBA And Really The World Needs More Of Snoop Dogg Calling Play-By-Play For The Lakers

I need more of this. Why? Because how many people listen to announcers anymore? Unless it's Raft, Gus Johnson or Bill Walton calling a game you're getting a lot of similar stuff. People now are typically just on Twitter looking at what everyone else is thinking. So give me Snoop on the call just going nuts for a missed Danny Green three. Have him break down Dwight Howard's new role. 

Imagine if it was him and Walton on the call together. Tell me that wouldn't do numbers. Walton just rambling about seeing Grateful Dead while Snoop puts on a show next to him. They'd 100% talk about the show at Kansas midnight madness with no idea what they are talking about. That's something that I'd watch on loop. 

So give me more Snoop. It's time.