Did Khalil Mack Really Not Give Out Candy On Halloween?

I sincerely hope that this is somehow not his house because not giving out candy on Halloween is a big time bush league move.

But, it appears that it is:

I remember walking up to houses as a kid that had a rope or a piece of tape across the stairs and thinking that whoever does that kind of shit have to be the most miserable people on earth. Having a dude stand there to tell people that this house is "not doing Halloween this year" is just as bad.

The people who did that though were always old people or the weirdos on the block. Not our star pass rusher who everybody fucking loves. Like the dude who took the video said at the very least give the security guard a bowl and have him do it. I guess this all kind of adds up with how bad things have been this year though.

P.S. - I also do kinda hate the guy who took the video as well even though he brought up a good point. Just sounded kinda whiney. Definitely a classic Winnetka Dad who yells at the refs too much during his kids basketball games.