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Today's Version Of European Soccer Fans Being Batshit Crazy: Dutch Fans Show Up To Teams Practices To Light Off Flares And Start Fires To Show Importance Of A Rivalry Match

This is becoming one of my favorite daily blogs. Just what batshit crazy thing are European soccer fans doing. Well, we go to the Netherlands today and take a peak at Ajax and Feyenoord practice facilities. Yep, that's a bunch of fire and flares and fireworks being lit. Why? Well, because fans want to show the team that a rivalry match is important of course. 

I don't know why flares and fireworks aren't banned in Europe yet, but I hope they never do. There are so many stories and matches where you see fans lighting shit on fire and it looks AWESOME. Now, I'd prefer to never be there with this stuff going on, but it looks awesome as someone who is blogging it. I mean remember when a stadium almost burnt down? 

Imagine being a player here. You wake up, dreading having to go to practice and go through training. You get in your car, drive there and are greeted by a scene out of a goddamn movie. You can't even run a lap without flare smoke in your grill. 

Just nothing like this in the world. They are batshit crazy and I mean that in a good way. Gonna need UK/Louisville and Duke/UNC to step its game up.