The NFL Has Told OBJ and Jarvis Landry They Have To Change Their Shoes At Halftime Or Else They're Done For The Day

Are you kidding me? That is my response on multiple fronts to this story. First we'll start with Jarvis and OBJ. Are you kidding me? We're playing in an embarrasing must-win game at 2-6 Denver today, and you guys once again have made the story about your shoes. Focus on the things that matter. The Browns are 2-5 and you two superstars have combined for ONE TOUCHDOWN through seven and a half games this season. How about we spend a little less time picking out the right outfit for Sunday afternoons and a little more time preparing for the game?

But second of all, NFL, are you fucking kidding me? You won't let these two play in the 2nd half if they don't change their shoes? That seems like a litttttttle bit of an overreaction. Fine them tomorrow if you want, but you're really going to hold out two of the biggest names in the league because they wore different colored shoes? I'd consider this to be a pretty good example of making a mountain out of a molehill.

Regardless, this is OBJ's 1000th uniform violation this season. I'm about fed up with his stuff. I knew we signed a diva superstar wide reciever, but all we've gotten thus far is a diva. It was supposed to be a give and take! But we're missing the part where he gives us production.

OBJ and Jarvis: please just switch your shoes at halftime. I can already see these two making a statement and not coming out for the 2nd half. What a Browns move that would be. But we need them right now because these 4 field goals isn't going to cut it today....especially when we're playing the 2-6 Broncos and who apparently just found the next John Elway in his 1st ever start.