Blacked Out Max Scherzer Leading A Conga Line In Full Uniform Is Why You Win A World Series

Lights are on, but nobody is home, and that’s the way you do it. What’s even the point of being a World Series champ if you’re not doing a conga line around a bar in full uniform? And much respect to everyone who is joining in and not standing around on their phones. When Max Scherzer comes back from the dead, wins game 7 of the World Series, and then leads a dance line in the bar, you jump in. Thems the rules.

Somewhere Ovi just got even more motivated to win another Cup.

And the Nats will be in the house at the Caps game tonight, and you know they want to match what happened when the Caps came to Nats Park to celebrate.


Dozier is going to steal the show, no doubt about it. Will he streak on the ice? I’m taking Yes -150.