Nate Diaz Says The Rock Could Get It Too, With All Due Respect

Nate Diaz delivered an ALL TIME press conference last night following UFC 244, which peaked, in my opinion, with the Stockton legend letting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson know that he could “get it” too – with all due respect.

Honestly, this clip just encapsulates Nate Diaz’s entire personality and why people love it to me. From being legitimately pissed off that The Rock was smiling with Jorge Masvidal before and after the fight (which actually makes sense being they’re both Miami boys), to catching himself in an emotional moment and breaking the tension with a hysterical Ballers shout, and closing with a disclaimer that he was actually serious and that The Rock could 100% get it.

Nate’s got the self awareness to know that The Rock basically HAD to be rooting for Masvidal last night, but still remains true to himself and his mindset that if you’re on the other side, you could go fuck yourself. Doesn’t care who you are. That’s some gangster shit right there, no matter how much we’re laughing at this clip or how in-jest this was all said…because at the end of the day, you’re crazy if you don’t think Nate Diaz would sign on the dotted line to fight The Rock anytime, anyplace.

Nate Diaz ladies and gentlemen. Truly one of a kind. I’d highly recommend you to watch his FULL press conference below, as it’s phenomenal and full of moments like this one…