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Bears At Eagles - This Game Would Be Cooler If Both Teams Were Better - Live Blog

That's no knock against the Eagles as they've kinda come to life here as of late, but when the schedule came out this seemed like it was going to be the game of the week. Double doink revenge. Jordan Howard revenge. Just alot of storylines that would've had everybody all jacked up.

BUT, the Bears just had to go out there and lose 3 straight to suck the wind out of all of it. I don't know what to expect today, which I guess is a good thing because whenever we have expectations we lose. So here's to pessimistic wishful thinking* while being 3-4 with 9 games left because I don't know how we're going to get through it without that mindset.

Bear Down.

*I made that up on the spot. Makes sense if you really think about it, but probably not.