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Don't Fuck With Milan Lucic's Goalie Or You Might Get Knocked Into Toledo...Even If The Whistle Hasn't Blown Yet

Tough game for Kole Sherwood of Columbus. The undrafted forward was just called up and playing his first NHL game of the season and third of his NHL career. After pickpocketing Milan Lucic at the blue line, he got a quality SOG and the followed up his shot with a little poke at Calgary goalie David Rittich’s glove as the whistle hadn’t been blown yet. Standard stuff, particularly from a hungry, undrafted guy hoping to make an impression and stick around.

But Lucic, um, took exception and Sherwood took one to the chops for his trouble. I don’t know if Lucic was more pissed about having the puck stolen from him or his goalie being pestered. Either way, he got a double minor for roughing Sherwood. And poor Sherwood had insult added to injury as he was given two for slashing Lucic. The only dirty thing I saw him do with his twig was pokecheck the puck from Lucic. Alas, he ended up with 2 PIM and a ringing in his head.

Meanwhile, Looch might want to pull out the checkbook.

Lucic + Goalies: The Love/Hate Saga Continues…