Reactions To Game of Thrones Red Wedding Episode


I was probably one of these fools making reactions like this on Sunday Night.  Just had no clue the Red Wedding was coming.   Just flabbergasted when the Starks started getting annihilated.  That’s even after somebody tweeted at me like 3 months ago trying to spoil the entire season like an asshole telling me that Rob Stark gets killed at the wedding.  I had no clue what he was talking about and didn’t connect the dots till it was too late.

Anyway it does bring up one of my pet peeves with Game of Thrones.  I HATE how half the audience already knows what’s gonna happen.    The book people think they’re so cool.  So badass because they know the plot.  I hate it.  I almost want to cheat and read what happens just so somebody else can’t get the satisfaction of spoiling it for me.

In fact I hope the producers change the plot a little bit moving forward so everybody is on equal footing.  Because there is nothing I’d love to do than stick it up the book people’s ass. Like instead of the Starks getting murdered at the Red Wedding it turned into a giant orgy with Calisi flying in on her Dragon naked as fuck.  It just doesn’t seem right that some people knew the Red Wedding was coming and some didn’t.   Pointing their cameras at us and making fools out of us. And oh by the way I’m not reading the comments so don’t even bother trying to ruin it for me.   For all you non book people I suggest you do the same.

I feel you bro…