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The Johnny Walker Hype Train Hit A Rough Bump In The Road Tonight

After starting his UFC career off 3-0 where he seemingly held the touch of death, fan favorite Johnny Walker finally got his first taste of defeat tonight against Corey Anderson, where he was stopped via TKO in the very first round. I gotta say – I’m not sure if he was hesitant to throw because of the formerly injured shoulder, or if he was just respecting the power of Anderson, but I don’t recall a single strike of his before he was rocked. Weird gameplan for a guy with the touch of death, like I said.

What’s really important is that Johnny Walker CRUSHED his walkout, though…

After the stoppage, Anderson gave the referee a weird shove kinda thing, and Big Dan Miragliotta jumped into action like I’ve never seen before. I heard, “Oh shit!” from behind me, and before I knew it, he was right next to the octagon, ready to go in and calm things down if need be. It was pretty cool.

I’d expect Johnny Walker to maybe take a step back competition wise, but I wouldn’t view this as some mega “exposing” or anything that’ll hurt him too badly in the big picture. Anybody with his athleticism and knockout power should be able to rebound from that. Congratulations to Corey Anderson who actually did the halting of the train himself, even though he couldn’t act like he’d been there before.

Main card starts NOW on ESPN+ PPV! Let’s fucking go!!!