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Girls Are Assholes: At The Bar

So I guess you could call this a new series of youtube videos. The first one was Girls Are Assholes: At Lunch a few weeks ago. Corny as fuck but I’m sure chicks ate it up. Girls Are Assholes: At The Bar is still not great but much better. Pretty much exactly how it feels when you try to approach a chick like your normal self and get shot down. Meanwhile she’s undoubtedly fucking some dude who makes her want to kill herself on a daily basis. Some things will just never change.

The whole idea behind Girls Are Assholes is a good one. They could be hilarious if they’re done right. These just kinda miss the mark and aren’t as good as they could be. But I’m sure you’ll see every chick you know posting them on facebook and twitter and shit saying “OMG…#SoTrue” so, its better to know thy enemy.

Next episode should be “Girls Are Assholes: They Stop Giving You Blowjobs After You Commit To Them.”