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Great News: Delgado the Stoolie Dog Has Been Adopted





Original blog.


Good news everyone. Delgado has been adopted into a great home and is living the life of luxury.

When I put up the blog, I had no idea that I would get 100 emails from people all over the country asking about how to adopt him. People were ready to hop in their cars from California to come get him, it was unbelievable. I forwarded those emails to Sarah, who was the middleman between me and Delgado. She then set Delgado up with a nice family, and he’s happy and waving his big ol’ dog cock around.

Thanks everyone for asking about him and thanks everyone who offered to adopt him. Sarah and Delgado want to say “Thanks again for all your help and all the stoolies that wanted to adopt him. I hope that seeing his furry face inspired at least a couple people to look into their local animal shelters or rescue groups and give another dog a home.”

Viva la dogs, indeed.