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Bill Belichick Never Misses An Opportunity To Coach Up A Hall Of Famer

This isn’t a new story, but it’s the first time I’ve seen Tony Gonzalez actually tell it from his own mouth. Quotes about this interaction hit the internet streets back in 2014, as part of a much larger piece about the ol’ ball coach. But quotes don’t tell a story quite like one of the people actually involved in the exchange. And everything about this tale from Hall of Fame Tight End Tony Gonzalez made me smile. Mostly because you know it had pissed Belichick off for YEARS that Gonzalez wasn’t reaching his full potential as a well-rounded football player. Sure, he was the best receiving tight end of all time, but who gives a shit about that? Can you block? Can you open up a running lane for your backs to eat up yards? Oh, you can block you just choose not to? I’m surprised Belichick didn’t cut him from the Pro Bowl roster for not giving 110%.

The best part of this story, to me, is how happy the compliment made Tony Gonzalez. That man didn’t have shit to prove to anybody at this point of his career. Again, HE’S A HALL OF FAMER. He knew he’d be a Hall of Famer long ago. 14 Pro Bowls, six All Pros, and yet the one accolade that still makes him beam ear to ear is a mumbled “good job” with no eye contact from Bill Belichick.