Syracuse Should Disband Their Football Team And Refund Everyone Who Bought Tickets This Year

2018 was thought to be a program changing year for Dino Babers and his Syracuse Orange. They went 10-3, scored a shit ton of points, and even fucked around and won a bowl game against West Virginia. What a season. Heading into 2019, with a potential star quarterback in Tommy DeVito, you can understand why expectations were high. Some were picking them to be a dark horse in the ACC. They were ranked preseason! Crazy stuff that NEVER happens. Well entering today Cuse was 3-5 and winless in their conference. Their three wins are Liberty, Holy Cross, and Western Michigan. Two of those schools I didn't know had a football team. 

Today they hosted BC as three point home favorites. After the first quarter they led 17-10. Alright, finally something going their way. Offense moving the ball, defense forcing turnovers. Positives! At half time they trailed 44-20. They gave up 34 points in the 2nd quarter. Boston College had rushed for 336 yards. That's right. At half time, midway through the game, BC had THREE HUNDRED AND THIRTY SIX RUSHING YARDS. That is legit impossible. You could play two men down and give up less yards that way. That number is laughable. After the 3rd quarter as I type this that number is up to 456. Their QB is also 8/10 with 3 TDs and 200 yards. 

Started the season ranked. Now winless in the conference. Best win is Western Michigan. 3-5 Maryland beat this team 63-20. Maryland's other two wins? Rutgers and Howard. YIKES. 

Syracuse should have to disband their football team. Everyone who bought tickets this year should be given a refund. I don't know what Vegas is doing with these lines but they're a mistake. Syracuse has no business being favorited over anyone. I'm not the biggest Syracuse football fan in the world, but I watch all the games. There was a shitty slate of noon games so I bet them even though I knew how bad they were. Embarrassing. Cuncel the program. 

Thank god the basketball team is actually going to be good this year. Three and D till we die. UVA on Wednesday night. Rout.