Did This Guy Steal My Identity?

So I’m down in Florida right now for Jake Owen’s charity event. Life is good, we played golf in Jake’s event yesterday (after arriving a little late because our private jet had a flat tire and we got delayed, ugh) then we went out to dinner with Jake at his favorite hometown spot and shared many laughs. He’s a great guy who tells great stories and what I’m trying to say is I’m friends with a country music rock star and it’s great. But then I wake up this morning to find out that my identity has been stolen by a guy on a moped. I mean that’s ME ladies and gentlemen. That is what I look like every day of my life and that guy somehow looks more like me than I do. Glasses, check. Buzzed head, check. Black sweatshirt, check. Tan khakis, check. A little heavier than you’d expect but still wears the weight well enough, check. It’s all there!

Not to sound like an egomaniac but part of me has to wonder if that guy dressed up as me for Halloween because that’s how much he looks like me. He decided to go super duper niche and dress up as a Barstool blogger/podcaster for a Halloween party. Otherwise he’s just a guy going about his daily life who looks exactly like me and dresses exactly like me ripping around on a sweet moped. I know I have doppelgängers all over the world but rarely do they look like me right down to the exact outfit. Bizarre stuff to say the least.