Boom Boom Just Jogging Around In Circles In Her Sports Bra


All things considered NESN may be the most hypocritical company on the planet. Their executives are on the record as saying they don’t want people to view Jenny Dell as a sex symbol. Like hypothetically speaking if you were a beer company and wanted to book Jenny to do promos and commercials NESN would say no because she’s a reporter and they can’t let her be exploited like that. They’ll look you right in eyes and say she’s not a sex symbol and not even crack a smile. Who cares if everybody with a brain knows that’s the only reason they hired her. And yet they have no problem sticking her in spandex and making her jog in circles trying to get everybody to bust a nut in their pants. Hey whatever floats your boat NESN. I’ll take Boom Boom anyway I can get her.