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Don’t Look Now But Their is A Runaway Freight Train Loose at the Breeders Cup and His Name is Davey Pageviews

image1 (1)So as I mentioned yesterday Elio and I are at the Breeders Cup.   I had 2 entries in the Breeders Cup Handicapping Challenge.  All the best horsemen in the world competing for the crown.   How it works is each entry is 10k.  $2500 goes toward the prize pool.   The rest you bet with.  Whoever ends up with the most money at the end of the 2 days wins the prize pool in addition to keeping all the money they’ve won.

There are over 400 people in it.   And after day I’m in 6th and 11th.   I’m locked and loaded and ready for Saturday.   Here is the prize structure.  

1. $343,000
2. $229,000
3. $126,000
4. $86,000
5. $69,000
6. $57,500
7. $46,000
8. $40,000
9. $34,500
10. $29,000
11. $23,000
12. $20,000
13. $17,500
14. $14,500
15. $11,500

So what I’m saying it Saturday is setting up for one of the great gambling spectacles of our generation. Because anybody who knows anything about the Dave Portnoy business knows I don’t play for 2nd place. Now somebody do me a favor and cue the damn music.

Oh and if you want to play along Tvg is offering a risk free 500 dollar bet.   Use this link to sign up.