John Daly Is A Majestic Beast

Screen Shot 2014-06-07 at 3.45.36 PM

Fucking John Daly.  What a picture.  Sun shining, belly hanging over his belt, mid swing.  A majestic beast if there ever was such a thing.  There’s nobody better.  He made the cut this weekend and he’s celebrating by rocking a pair of his now-famous crazy pants.  I’m glad he’s out on the course instead of slingin’ shirts and pants out of his trailer.  It’s good to see him in his natural environment (other than his other natural environment, a casino of course).  He’ll probably end up winning the whole tournament.  Now, I know he’s sober these days but I want nothing more than to see him shot gun 15 tall boys or something.  For old times sake.  That would make my weekend/life complete.

PS- He probably hit the ball in that picture 600 yards.  Yeah it’s an iron but remember, he’s John fucking Daly.  Anything is possible.

h/t eric