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The Nets Head Coach Just Casually Taking A Break On The Bench To Eat Some Ear Wax ... What The Fuck?!?

This is without a doubt the grossest thing I've ever seen. I mean good news is, as a Knicks fan, I'm no longer worried about the Nets taking over the city. You can't have a coach just sitting here smearing ear wax all over his lips like it's some chapstick and then eating it. You just can't. I know Brooklyn is a bit weird and doing different things (like the bbq), but this is crossing a goddamn line. This is for the sake of humanity. Here's the worst part. You're on national TV! This isn't just a regular game. Know a time or place, man. You're not coaching LIU-Brooklyn. 

If anything though we can 100% blame this on Kyrie, right? Kenny Atkinson wasn't eating ear wax a year ago. Kyrie comes over to the Nets and Atkinson is giving himself a reverse wet willy a week into the season. That can't be a coincidence, just can't. Just so fucking gross. 

Might need to up your Google search, Kenny