Sox and Yankees Don't Handle Thunder Well


Here you have it: All the proof you need that they don’t make baseball players like they used to.  You think old timey players would’ve soiled themselves over a little thunder clap like this?  Ted Williams once crash landed a jet.  Warren Spahn faced Nazi bullets to capture the bridge at Remagen.  Ty Cobb used to beat up cripples on a daily basis.  Jackie Robinson took fastballs to the head from racist a-holes like they were bug bites.  Babe Ruth banged hookers two at time with a beer in one hand and a hot dog in the other.  Wade Boggs downed 64 Miller Lites on one plane trip then boned Margo Adams before he picked up his luggage.  Because men were men back then.  They drank hard, lived fast, died young and weren’t afraid of anything except STDs.  I mean, just watch Saltilamacchia.  You think Carlton Fisk would’ve shat himself over some harmless thunder boomer?  He ate lightning and crapped thunder and would’ve killed any man who said different.  Buncha pussies playing MLB nowadays.  Maybe next time it rains, they ought to have their Thunder Buddies ready: