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The Mets Are Reportedly Hiring Carlos Beltran As Their Next Manager


I have to admit, I did NOT see this coming. I know Beltran made it through the 800 rounds of interviews and was down to the final four of candidates. But considering the history Beltran had with the fans, the media and the Wilpons, I didn't think he would ever get hired to manage the team. Because if you thought #BlameBeltran was bad when he was an All-Star and one of the best position players in franchise history, just wait to see what it's like when he is a first year manager.

I'll also be the first to admit I don't know if this will be a good hire or a bad hire. He clearly doesn't have the experience of a Joe Girardi. But there has been a clear move in baseball to go with fresher faces, especially as more teams go with more of a figurehead that will listen to the front office, play nice with the media, and shake hands/kiss babies with the fans. Which again, was not exactly Beltran's calling card during his playing days in Queens. But like everything else with the Mets, we are going to have to hope like hell this is going to work because we know there are almost definitely not going to be any star players being added to the payroll unless we are trading recent first round picks for them because that's the Brodie Way. In the end, I hope they didn't choose Beltran simply because he was the cheapest option that was easiest to control, because that's the Wilpon Way.

More thoughts coming on an emergency We Gotta Believe episode that we will record in a few minutes, including the reports of Terry Collins being Beltran's first choice as bench coach. Click here to subscribe to the podcast on iTunes so you will get the episode once its ready to rock.