I Lied About Heidi Klum Winning Halloween, This Kid Did And It's Not Close

I GIVE IT A 10!  A 10!!! A FUCKIN’ 10!!!!

TOUCH EM ALL BILLY BOB!!!  I howled when I saw this costume just now.  I’ve been so fixated on the Barstool Smokeshow Instagram contest for obvious reason, but not a single one of those girls holds a candle to this kid.  Billy Bob to a T.  Bet he even went as far as to pound that entire bottle of syrup in one gulp too.  This kid win’s halloween, and there’s not a close second.

I always forget how great a movie Varsity Blues is until it’s mentioned in conversation or I see it on TV.  One of the better sports movies ever IMOP.  Bomb soundtrack too, if you don’t get chills when Foo Fighters is playing as the Coyotes are marching down the field, you don’t have a pulse.  Just perfectly scored

I know how I’m spending my Friday night.

PS – obligatory:

PPS – I might have lied, one of these girls might have had the best halloween costume.  I still give it to mini Billy Bob though.

I wouldn’t leave you mutts hanging like that.  Have a good weekend you dickheads!