Bruins Annihilate Penguins...Yawn. My Question Is Why Is Matt Cooke Still Allowed To Play Hockey?


Listen I’m not even gonna talk about the Bruins dismantling the Penguins in Game 1.  Because as I said before the series started anybody who knows anything about hockey knew this was a mismatch of epic proportions.   All that fancy offensive bullshit is fine and dandy against the Ottawa’s of the world but not against us.  Not with the Bruins defense.   Not with Zdeno Chara shadowing Sidney Crosby.  I said it would be a blowout.  It was a blowout.   I’m not even bragging.  Any idiot could see that.

Instead my question is how is Matt Cooke still in the NHL? I mean anybody with two eyes knows that hit was a vicious, dirty, cowardly, scumbag cheapshot designed to paralyze and end a career. In other words it was a typical Matt Cooke play.  Hockey is supposed to be a proud game played by proud men. The thing that makes it so unique and so great is that you can grind it out for 7 games laying it all on the line and then shake hands after it’s over. Even when guys fight it is only after they agree to drop gloves and fight fair and square. Honor amongst men. That’s what hockey is all about. But there is nothing honorable about Matt Cooke. He has no respect for the game. He has no respect for his opponents. He has no respect for his teammates There is just no place in hockey for a no talent hack who makes his living trying to maim people. Seriously I don’t care if you’re a Bruins fan or a Penguins fan or even his teammate. If you respect the game of hockey you can’t want guys like this in the league. It’s bad for everybody.