You’d Be A Fool An Idiot And A Fool Not To Mortgage Your House On the Bruins +160 For the Series Mortal Lock


I got to be dreaming right? Can somebody pinch me? Am I awake? The B’s are +160 against the Penguins? BAHAAHA! These are the times I thank Christ that I’m a hockey expert. It’s almost like people forgot how pathetic the Penguins defense is. They are AWFUL. Yes they got a lot of talented offensive players, blah, blah, blah. But they are soft. They don’t like going into corners. They don’t like getting hit. Sidney Crosby is a pussy. Malkin doesn’t even know how to spell forecheck. Just look at last year vs. the Flyers. The Flyers were scoring like 10 goals a game vs these guys. And what happened last time the B’s played an explosive offensive team like this? Do the 2011 Stanley Cup finals ring a bell? The Sedin Sisters? Chara is the great equalizer. He is going to manhandle the Penguins. I just don’t see anyway the Bruins lose this series. Every matchup favors us. It’s simple x’s and o’s really. Anybody who knows anything about hockey can see that.


Mortal Lock Bruins in 6