"I Didn't Want To Be Back" - Joe Maddon

NBC -  "When it got down to the last couple days it was really obvious to both sides," Maddon said to Marc Topkin of the Tampa Bay Times. "I didn’t want to be back either. It was more of a bilateral than a unilateral decision.’’

Still, Maddon's split from the Cubs was amicable, and Epstein said the two agreed the change was a win-win. He wasn't unemployed long, landing a three-year deal with a fourth-year option to manage the Angels, where he previously spent 31 years of his baseball career. 

Maddon wants Ross to do well, and if his pipe dream comes true, he'll get to face Ross and the Cubs in the World Series in the not-so-distant future.

Maybe a year ago I'd call Joe Maddon a liar but at this point I can't. I've seen and know too much about the Chicago Cubs to blame Joe Maddon for wanting to turn and run for the hills. The PR, the fan obsession, the image conscious brand and family friendly atmosphere and constant stupid fucking questions from the same old faces. It's gotta be exhausting and no doubt Maddon is much better off as a human being in Southern California than gutting out another 5 years on the north side. No one can argue the Angels aren't a better fit for him right now. 

But then part of me also reminds me of some social outcast who didn't get invited to your prom group. Like Oh you guys are going to Gary's lakehouse nevermind I'm just getting a hotel at the double tree with Jessica. But deep down you really want to be at Gary's lakehouse gassing beers on the pristine shores of Sisters' Lakes, desperately trying to lose your virginity in the shed they keep the life jackets.

Point is Joe Maddon could be telling the truth or he could be lying or we could just all agree that managing Mike Trout in California weather sounds pretty fucking good to me.