The Fore Play Boys Have Run Into An Actual Final Destination Situation After Flying Private Today

So if you listen to Fore Play you'll know today the boys are setting course for Vero Beach to go hang out with Jake Owen and do a bunch of cool shit. The one twist. They're flying private. Now Riggs and Frankie are accustomed to the private life thanks to Dave Portnoy, but Trent Ryan is not. He's a first timer. As a result he's lost countless hours of sleep this week just thinking about being crammed into that tiny jet. I believe yesterday we asked him to rate his actual worry and he said 7/10. 

The difference here for Frankie and Riggs is that there is no Dave this time. The man who sold his soul to the devil for immortality is not there to save them. They're powerless. 

Yesterday we had about an hour long talk about their impending doom. That no matter what they did, this plane was going to have problems. Big Cat kept sending Frankie little tidbits of how many private plane crashes there are each year. Of total plane crashes throughout the year, around 97% are from private planes. There was one literally yesterday in Florida as we were leaving for the day. Trent thought about buying a parachute on Amazon, but was in no luck. We then figured out if he did buy a parachute and this bird was going down, he'd jump out and the plane would fix itself leaving him stranded in the ocean to die. There was no escaping this. And now we're here. 

Their 6:00 AM flight has yet to take off. This is their Final Destination. There may not be a worse person in the world to be next to right now than Frankie Borrelli. 

I'm sure they'll have enough fuel. Right? God speed boys. We're all pulling for ya!