Amanda Frances Just Redefined The Wearing Pockets That Hang Outside Your Booty Shorts Game Forever



First things first. This chick is blazing hot. Like I’m talking I saw her and knew I had to drop everything I was doing and blog about her hot. Instant rub one out situation. Now the question is how much of it has to do with the outfit? Because let me say this loud and clear. The pockets hanging outside the shorts move is A+ stuff. I don’t even know why I love it so much but I just do. Maybe because it automatically means a chick is wearing tiny shorts? Whatever the case may be it speaks to me on a primal level. Like hey I know I’m sexy as fuck. I know I’m wearing tiny daisy dukes. I know you are staring at my ass. I want you to stare at me. I will fuck your dick off in a heartbeat. Deal with it.

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