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The Redskins Are Launching An Investigation Into If Trent Williams Is Telling The Truth About His Cancer...Cool!!!!

Screen Shot 2019-11-01 at 10.06.21 AM

Oh fun. I told ya this Trent Williams saga would be wild, and boy did it take off faster than a green light go. Yesterday he talked to the media for 18 minutes where he basically said the Redskins doctors misdiagnosed him and said everything was a-ok when in reality he had cancer.

The Redskins then replied by sending out a press release saying they are going to investigate Trent Williams’ claims. And basically, the entire thing is trash. I don’t see how the Skins can come out of this looking good unless Trent…lied about having cancer? I don’t even know. The Redskins are an incompetent piece of trash franchise run by the two biggest scumbag slimeballs of all time.

I’ve asked this before but I’m still searching for an answer- isn’t there some sort of rule in the fine print when the NFL allows you to purchase a team that says you won’t run the team like a complete buffoon and you will try to compete to win and be a good ambassador for the NFL? Because Snyder does none of those. And now this saga will create an even bigger black eye over the once proud franchise that has been reduced to dust, a sad shadow of what it once was.

Fuck Dan Snyder and fuck Bruce Allen.