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Wake Up With Jimmy G Calling Erin Andrews 'Baby'

While parents across the country were trying to induce sleep in their little overly stimulated, sugar-fueled, hypoglycemic Disney Princesses and Marvel heroes, Jimmy Garoppolo was out there on national TV, taking his team to 8-0 and shooting his shot.

If you pause the clip, you can see the exact moment Erin Andrews ovulates:

Jimmy G

Remember that season when Erin was on “Dancing With the Stars” and she and her partner danced on a bed together? I thought that was the most erotic moment of live television I’d ever witness in my lifetime. But Jimmy G went and way outdid even that, pushing a simple postgame interview to the boundaries of TV-MA.

For the record, last night’s win means the Niners still hold the 1-seed in the NFC. The Patriots still hold the 1-seed in the AFC. And Jacoby Brissett’s Colts have the 2-seed. Combined their records are 21-2. System, my ass.