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Gregg Popovich Has An AWESOME Idea For The NBA And It's Mostly Because He's Reached The Age Of Not Giving A Damn

Hell yes. We're one step closer to what I've always wanted. Every coach and manager wearing a full uniform like baseball. It's so outrageous that I want every coach to be in full uniform. Give me Andy Reid in shoulder pads and a helmet figuring out timeouts. Bring back Stan Van Gundy and put him in the old school Magic jersey. I have no idea why baseball managers wear uniforms but it's always been the most hilarious thing to me in sports. 

But really what this just shows is Pop has reached the age of not giving a damn. Either that or he's becoming a blogger and podcaster for Barstool Sports. Because I have worn sweats for the last 2 years working from home. It's at the point where I'm now upset when I have to actually put on real clothes. 

He does bring up a good point though. Why the hell do we have basketball coaches in suits? It's baffling to me. You're coaching hoops. Every coach needs to look like this man on the sidelines.