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Mrs. Calipari Absolutely Dominated Halloween At The Expense Of Coach Cal, Which Can Only Mean One Thing ... Title Season Is Here

With the rise of social media everyone is trying to one up each other with posts and costumes and what not. Good news is no one can top Mrs. Calipari. I mean this is so adorable. This is actual couple goals that people want to post - excuse me, #CoupleGoals. 

But you know what this really does? This shows me how loose Cal is right now. He's confident in this team, even with Nick Richards currently day-to-day with a sprained ankle. Past years? I don't think so. Cal was wound too tightly and ready to just get to late in the season when his team starts to click. But this year? He's been swaggy from day 1 which is bad, bad news for the rest of the country. 

And I gotta say, Mrs. Calipari NAILED this costume. Everything down to the Dunkin cup. This is Coach Cal to perfection. There's also no one better on social media than Mrs. Calipari. She just roasts her family nonstop on Instagram and embarrasses the shit out of them. Let her coach tonight in exhibition dressed in this costume.