One Final World Series Wake Up: The Top 5 Plays From This Amazing World Series

Now that we’ve had a few hours to digest it all, this really was an insane World Series. Arguably the best team in baseball vs the hottest team in baseball. You had a close game in Game 1, a blowout in Game 2, back to a close one in Game 3, and then every other game was decided by at least 4 runs. The games were tight early, before being blown open late. There were some absolutely historic plays in this series too, Soto’s bomb onto the tracks, Soto’s homer into orbit in right, Howie Kendricks’ foul pole bomb, Kurt Suzuki’s shot, Bregman’s bat carry, Soto’s bat carry, Rendon literally not getting out, Scherzer all numbed up in Game 7, Stras nearly going the distance in 6, Cole sitting in the bullpen at the end of 7, just so many memorable plays and events. Thank god this one wasn’t a dud like last season, now only like 140 days until Opening Day. Enjoy the offseason, folks.