Kim Kardashian Deserves An Oscar For Her Performance As Elle Woods

Brilliant. The acting, the vibe, the costume- all of it. Kim Kardashian proving yet again she is the voice of a generation. There simply isn’t another human being as multifaceted at Kim. For a second I thought it may have been a Charmin commercial, but when I watched the original I realized she did the whole thing word for word.

Which makes it all the more impressive. How much do you think that video cost her to make anyway? Thirty-grand? You have the hair and make up, the costumes, the locations, the camera crew, the editors, the extras. It’s not like she just did it on her iPhone. It was a professional production put on all for the likes. Two hundred and fifty thousand of them and counting. Shout out to Kris for the idea. Jack Mac said earlier today that Colin Cowherd’s daughter won Halloween, but my vote is for Kim K. My vote’s always for Kim K.