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A Barstool Tradition: Pirate Bill Belichick Takes Us Into Halloween

This is a tradition of the holiday unlike any other at Barstool. The annual “Bill Belichick Goes to Randy Moss’ Halloween Roller Rink Party” clip from his edition of NFL Network’s “A Football Life.”

It’s hard to believe this was from Halloween, 2009. 10 years ago today. In the middle of what turned out to be a season of relative turmoil for at team that hasn’t had much of it over 20 years. And there’s just so much to love. Moss trying to put the event together as a team bonding party. Humbly asking the coach to come. Belichick joking he should show up as the Devil. Then getting serious and saying that if Randy wants the coaches there, he’s sure they’ll come, but if he’d rather not, he and they will understand. Moss insisting the more the merrier. Belichick summing up the whole affair with “It’s a GREAT holiday. Candy and costumes. How can you beat that?”

And then, the grand entrance:

Belichick Halloween 2

The perfect Pirate Captain and his ideal Pirate Wench Linda Holliday, bringing the house down to the delight of Spongebob Moss and Fred Flintstone Vince Wilfork. Ten years later and I still defy anyone to prove to me his players don’t love this man. Pirate costume, wench, Halloween and roller skates. How can you beat that?