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Free Ball Lie Shirt To Whoever Can Tell Me Why The Boston Strong Concert Wasn't On TV Last Night



Well from all the fancy people tweets I saw last night it sounded like the Onefund concert was a huge success. But in reality it was a massive failure. Like honestly how was this not on TV? I thought for sure it would be on all the local channels. With all the toll free numbers of where to donate money constantly on the screen. Speeches all night from people telling stories and asking for money. Nope. You could only stream it online which is beyond bizarre.

Listen I don’t care how much money they raised. They lost out on millions upon millions by not televising this event.  It’s got to be the first concert of this nature not to be on TV.  I’ve actually been searching all over the place trying to find how this was humanly possible. I’ve heard people say Live Nation’s Don Law wouldn’t sell the rights. I’ve heard people say TV stations didn’t want to lose their regular advertising. I’ve heard people say it was Dane Cook’s fault because everything is Dane Cook’s fault.

As always I’m sure it all came down to money. But even that excuse makes no sense to me. This was a charity event. All net proceeds going to the Onefund. So put the fucking thing on TV because that’s by far the best way to raise the most money. That’s what makes this thing stink to high heavens for me. Because the only explanation as to why this wasn’t televised is somebody cared more about making money for themselves rather than for the people it was intended for. No other way to explain it. I mean honestly have you ever heard of an event like this not being on TV? It’s crazy town.   As Mayor I would have never let this go down like it did.