Brock Lesnar & Cain Velasquez Just Put On Some Kinda MMA/Wrestling Hybrid Match In Saudi Arabia

Cain Velasquez just made his WWE debut in Saudi Arabia against longtime rival Brock Lesnar, and while he unfortunately ain’t coming back to the United States as WWE Champion, I gotta say – I thought the match was pretty fuckin cool. It wasn’t gonna be for everybody, and I think most non-MMA fans probably either didn’t know what the heck they were lookin at, or straight up hated what they saw, but that was pretty much everything I ever thought a worked mixed martial arts bout would look like. It worked well, too! There was a feeling out process, some leg kicks thrown, a pretty sick headkick “knockdown”, and a snap submission like the one Lesnar was caught with in his UFC debut against Frank Mir. I don’t think you can make matches like this a regular thing, but for a debut like this, I didn’t mind it.

Sure, Cain losing was dumb and sucks, but they kept him strong with the layout of the match and flukey kimura Brock grabbed. Sure, it sucks that they ended Kofi Kingston’s historic WWE Championship reign for this, but I’m over that. They did that almost a month ago now. I quite literally don’t have enough energy in my body to get worked up over that any more. Plus, what did you expect? GOOD booking from the WWE??? While they’re in Saudi Arabia?! GTFOH.

P.S. I’ll just present this without further comment…

P.P.S. Tyson Fury vs Braun Strowman was horrible, and not even funny-horrible. It was just awkward, and boring, and made me think somebody was gonna get hurt.