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Lexington High School Has 2nd Annual Stress Reduction Day Where Students Blow Bubbles And Teachers Wear Clown Noses

hippie-with-an-i-e-L-bYvBC0 – One day last week at Lexington High School, teachers wore red clown noses as they stood before their classes. Students blew bubbles in the quad, the outdoor common area, before school. Music played over the loudspeakers between classes, and teenagers danced in the hallways. “Kids just got to be kids and play,” said wellness teacher Julie Fenn, standing in the quad where students had drawn on the pavement with chalk. “It’s been fun to see even our big boys blowing bubbles and laughing.” This was the school’s second stress-reduction day, designed to help some of the state’s highest-achieving students manage the anxieties that can breed at competitive schools. Lexington High consistently is ranked among the top academically in the state, and its students receive with some of the state’s highest SAT and Advanced Placement scores. Local parents, educators, and faith groups formed the Collaborative to Reduce Student Stress about three years ago, and the School Committee made stress reduction a priority. Teachers have been working with students on mindfulness techniques. The school has tried to address the problem by getting rid of weighted grade-point averages (that gave extra points to AP and honors classes), and by allowing students to limit the number of exams or papers due on a single day. They encourage students to sleep enough, eat healthy foods, and try yoga.

Love this shit. Talk about building a nation of winners huh? We got Chinese fuckers taking 26 hours of classes, working 3 jobs and speaking 19 languages. Our guys are blowing bubbles in the quad. Seriously no wonder I can’t find any good fucking employees. If I ask them to do two things at once they ask me to put on a clown nose and roll out the yoga mats. FUCK THAT SHIT. Hey newsflash Lexington. The real world is all about stress management. It’s about doing 9 billion things at once. It’s all about competition and winning. It’s about finding out who handles it the best. The world needs ditch diggers too. The sooner everybody finds out what they’re good at the better. Protecting them from reality with this everybody is a winner mentality does nobody any good.