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BREAKING NEWS: The Blackhawks Are Calling Up Adam Boqvist

Roughly 14 hours after this…


The Blackhawks have called up their #1 defensive prospect after just 6 games where that goal you saw above is his only point.

It’s kind of weird that the Blackhawks haven’t announced a corresponding roster move yet because as it stands right now the Blackhawks have seven defensemen on the NHL roster and 8 if you count Murphy who is currently on IR. I suppose they don’t have to do anything until Murphy is ready to be activated because they were only carrying 22 guys before the Boqvist call up.

If you thought it was tough to get Seabrook in the lineup before…well adding the #1 prospect in the system on defense who is also a right shot makes that blue line even more crowded.

No idea why the Blackhawks decided to do this now other than the obvious…the offense stinks. The Hawks have lost 4 of their last five games and in those four losses they’ve had one goal or less in each of them. The Power play, as you would guess, also stinks. Boqvist, in theory could help with both of those. Colliton wants his defense to bring the puck up ice more than Joel who wanted quick ups and outs. The Blackhawks don’t have a ton of guys who can do that. Really they just have one and it’s Gustafsson who is having an awful start to the 2019-20 season. Gustafsson was especially horrendous against Vegas. You would think that maybe it’s Gustafsson who gets the scratch next game and the Hawks go with something like


de Haan-Seabrook


I really don’t know. I will be fascinated to hear what the Blackhawks say in the media and what they do with the lineup. Murphy is do back in about another two weeks from IR. The Blackhawks will have some tough decisions to make if Boqvist comes in and really gives the team a boost. If they wanted to get me and the fans something to be excited about, something to get me to tune into these late night west coast games coming up…well, they’ve done it. Buckle up.