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Tampa Bay Devil Rays Player Josh Sale Suspended For Tweeting About Getting Kicked Out Of A Strip Club For Throwing Quarters At Strippers



ESPN - The Tampa Bay Rays have suspended Josh Sale, their 2010 first-round pick, for conduct detrimental to the organization, the team announced Wednesday. Sale was banned after boasting on Facebook about acting unruly at a strip club, according to the Tampa Bay Times. “Threw 50 cents at a stripper tonight. First time. Got kicked out and she got so (mad) thought she was gonna cry. Your a stripper. Be thankful,” Sale posted. Sale just finished serving a 50-game suspension after testing positive for methamphetamine and an amphetamine. He recently was added to the roster of the Class-A Charlotte Stone Crabs. In two seasons in the Tampa Bay organization, Sale has hit .238 with 14 homers and 59 RBIs in 134 games.

I’m trying to think of a bigger scumbag move than this. Then throwing quarters at a stripper. Maybe spitting on your hand going through the handshake line after a sporting event? But I think that’s it? You’re just a low life asshole with no redeeming qualities as a human if you chuck quarters at a stripper.

Bottomline is that  I treat strippers with respect. I treat them as real people when I get lap dances and talk to them. I listen to their stories and how they are saving up for college as they’re grinding on my dick. Yes you can degrade them sexually and can whisper in their ear all the vile things you want to do to them, but that’s part of their job. Getting quarters thrown at them is not.  I’m firmly on team “Strippers Are Real People With Real Feelings”.  I don’t know if that makes me a pussy or humanitarian or a feminist, but it’s the right thing to do.