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How Pissed Are Warriors Fans Watching KD Say He Left Because Of The Fight With Draymond And Leaves Steph Out Of His Top-5 Players?

This isn’t exactly breaking news or anything. This has been talked about for a couple of months now. But here we are the day after the Warriors got their shit kicked in by the Suns and oh, yeah, Steph broke his hand. Times are so bleak in Golden State that Draymond’s mom is offering to suit up since she has no idea who the fuck is on the team.


If that wasn’t enough, he decided to ignore Steph and the rest of the Warriors yet again. When he was on Serge Ibaka’s show he was asked about the top-5 players he played with and left off Steph and Klay.

Now today he was asked about the top-5 players in the league. This was his answer:

Don’t get me wrong, I get why he’s putting Kyrie in here. The man needs to have his teammate and guy he planned on playing with in every list. That’s normal. But putting Dame over Steph is hilarious. You can’t tell me he doesn’t know what he’s doing here.

I’d say you gotta feel bad for Warriors fans, but they had too good of a run. Can’t feel bad for them. Just hilarious that a reason the dynasty is over is this right here.